Roger Mils wabbe:

> so, as I recall at Michigan, Pike's students called him Ken, but
> Gedney (in Thai linguistics, and possibly even older than Pike) was
> Bill, but Prof. or Mr.
> So it depends.....
> Rant dept:  Sometimes we carry this firstname stuff too far.  I
resent being
> addressed as Roger by bank tellers, telemarketers and others of that
> with whom I have no other social interaction.  Probably the only
facet of my
> personality that can be called conservative.  End rant.

Well, in my college, actually in Engeneering faculty and specially in
the Electronics departament all full time teachers, and I guess all
teachers actually, were called by first name.  Departament's chief was
"Pacho" from Francisco Viveros.  If you didn't want to use the first
name the safest way was call them "ingeniero".

In Colombia the custom is to call any graduate, or actually anybody
wearing a tie, "doctor".  In many academic circles this custom had led
into the word "doctor" to be of lower cathegory than, say "ingeniero",
unless you are a real doctor (either MD, ScD or PhD).  Even all PhD at
Electronic Department preffered to be called "ingeniero" reather then
"doctor", but they preffered their first name.  My degree work leader
"Ing. Pedro Raúl Vizcaya Guarín, PhD", was just "Pedro" for me.

I personaly call nobody as "doctor", except MDs or very respectable
ScD or PhD, as my math teacher, "Professor Carlos Ruiz, ScD".

-- Carlos Th
  who was usually called "Thompson" in high school, "Carlos" in
college and "Ingeniero", "Ingeniero Thompson" or "Carlos" at work.