Yoon Ha Lee wrote:

>On Thu, 26 Oct 2000, Matthew Kehrt wrote:
>> Eviendadil has a naming system where daughters inherit their mother's
>> surnames, and sons their fathers.  When people marry, they also choose
>> another name for their marriage.  These are both used along with up to
>> three, but normally only one, given names and a nickname/title,
>> something ppl call them.  People are generally called by their given
>> names in formal settings, occaisionally prefixed by a title.
>> Informally, people are called by their given names.
>> This causes fun when tranlating modern names, just for the heck of it.
>What a lovely system for marriage-names!  If only I could use it for
>myself (not that I'm getting married anytime soon--I think).  <pondering>

Sorta like the Boreanesian system once again! Have you had a look
at it at all?

In the Boreanesian system, use of a marriage section name implies
the children's inheritance of the patrimoietal name of the father AND
the matrimoietal name of the mother.

Like I said before, the main difference is that there are no surnames
per se. There are really only moiety names that children inherit and
marriage section names that tell which moiety names are inherited.

-kristian- 8)