Robert Hailman wrote:

>I actually know amazing little about active languages, all my conlangs
>thus far have been nom/acc.
>I know I'd read your thesis, or at least try to, if you put it on the

Having read the portion of the thesis concerning Chickasaw, I would
recommend his thesis to any of you interested in learning about active
languages. That is accessible to the non-specialist (I think) and
empirically accurate. He also notes exceptions to the general trends and
proposes explanations for the discrepencies. Granted, we disagree about how
accurate those explanations are, but that's what you get when a
functionalist and a generativist talk to each other. :) (To his credit, he
has at least proposed a solution to a problem that I have never even tried to.)

My $.02 worth.

Marcus Smith
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"When you lose a language, it's like
dropping a bomb on a museum."
   -- Kenneth Hale