I would like to announce my new language Tuusha.

kir voooxm kir-n 'a wiihr-n 'a tuu-shac-n shar-n k'ashar.
ki-r vooox-m ki-r-n 'a wiih-r-n 'a tuu-sha-c-n sha-r-n k'asha-r.
me-GEN pleasure-ABSOLUTIVE me-GEN-n 'a newness-GEN-n 'a tuusha-COP-n
language-GEN-n announcement-GEN.

The particle -n means that the word modifies the following word instead of
the sentence topic, which is in the absolutive case.  The particle 'a
indicates that the following word fulfills the same grammatical slot as
the previous.

Vowels have three lengths, short, long, and very long.  They also are
voiced (no marking), unvoiced (marked with an -h), or creaky voiced
(marked with an x).  [c] is pronounced like the [ch] in "church."

Here is a little poem in Tuusha:

faaahm baxrn t'uu*o
t'iim gaarn f'iiix*o
t'iiixm saaahr ' t'iiixm lir

* is a labial click.  ' is a glotal stop.

wind black hill-over
sand brown beach-over
rising of-tide, rising of-sun.

The wind over the black hills,
The sand over the brown beach.
The rising of the tide, the rising of the sun.

                Living your life is a task so difficult,
                it has never been attempted before.