> <laugh>  I have "inanimate" *3rd* person pronouns that are used
> insultingly for people.  Perhaps "na" and "nu" could be switched with
> something else that sounds less pleasant, as is suggested?  It's a nice
> idea, poetic too.  (The inanimate 2nd person appeals to me especially
> since I'm dealing with a conscript that embodies somewhat animistic
> ideas, though that's completely irrelevant to the discussion here.  <G>)

Technically, Gevey has inanimate personal pronouns for 1st, 2nd and
3rd persons:

te (animate i)          tuu (inanimate I)
de (animate you)     duu (inanimate you)
ke (animate it)        kuu (inanimate it)

But that is mainly because the conculture speakers have a very
different way of viewing the world around them, and the animate and
inanimate features of a person or object are actually different facets
of the same thing. To add to the confusion, there are internal animate
(ta, da, ka) and external animate (to, do, ko) forms, too.

Well, it made sense to me when I came up with the idea. I've tried to
explain it more clearly on one of my webpages. And at least Gevey
speakers don't have to worry about the gender of inanimate objects...


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