Adrian Morgan wrote:
> Robert Hailman wrote:
> > C'mon, you have to prioritize. Conlang, thesis. Conlang, thesis. Conlang
> > wins! ;o)
> Now this I identify with :-)

I think we all can. Far too many times have I sat at the desk in my
bedroom, with some boring school work in front of me and my conlang
notebook not 2 feet away from me, and been unable to resist the

On a somewhat related note, I always take my conlang notebook with me to
school, and now it's *really* beaten up. It's one of those 80-page
paperback coil-bound dealies, and the cover and first few pages fell out
(and they're essential to Ajuk, too!), and the coils are bent such that
it's very hard to flip pages.

I should probably bite the bullet and buy a decent hard-cover notebook,
that way the pages won't fall out so easily.