Periodic posting of Scuba-L guidelines and information of
Wed Nov  1 09:00:00 EST 2000

This is a periodic posting of Scuba-L guidelines and information.  If
you follow these guidelines you should be able to avoid some common
missteps and your life in Scuba-l should be much more pleasant and
less riddled by certain local customs.  Please save this post for
future reference.

>From the SAME email account from which you subscribed to SCUBA-L send the
following text:  SIGNOFF SCUBA-L
To the following address:  [log in to unmask]
(Note that this may be a different address than the one you signed up
at. They moved the list while you weren't looking.)

Here is a convenient URL:
mailto:[log in to unmask]

NOTE: this address is different from the one you are using to post
messages to the list ([log in to unmask]).

Many services are available using the web interface.  In particular,
you can get a password for and sign off a userid you no longer get mail
at.  Recent archives are available as well.

The general listserv web address for scuba-l is at


If for some reason you cannot sign off and need to do so, the human
owners of this list can be contacted by sending a message to
mailto:[log in to unmask]  Do not send commands to
this address.  On this list, this address is connected to a human.

When contacting the list managers, please tell them exactly what you
tried, and forward an error message that you have gotten.  This will
allow them to solve your problem more quickly.  If you may have
subscribed from some other address, and are now unsubscribing, please
give as much information about that other address as you can.

It is a violation of netiquette on this or any list to post tests or
requests for help from the list owner to the list.  The
listname-request@listhost is an internet standard, and if it does not
connect to a human list owner, it should tell you how to connect to
that human.  It is equally bad to have an "out of the office
autoresponder" that replies to your messages from scuba-l with a
notification that you are out of the office, either to scuba-l itself
or to the original poster.  You will be removed from the list (to
prevent further auto-responses or tests) if either of these events are
noted by the list owners.  Once you note why this was done, and agree
to the policy, you may resubscribe.

(There are standard ways to determine if mail is sent to you via a
list, but the simplest thing to do is simply to never send an
auto-reply to any message where your userid does not appear in the To:
or CC: header.)


No personal attacks will be tolerated.  Any personal attacks may
result in a list user's removal from the list.  As a general
guideline, it is "three strikes in a 30 day period" and you are out.
This rule specifically covers attacks on list members, recent former
list members, and suspended list members.  Normally, initial
suspensions are for 30 days.

Joining the list and immediately sending disruptive posts will not be

Suspensions can be appealed through the list owner.  A single rebuttal
posting may be sent through the list owner who will insure that it
conforms to the list guidelines and negotiate content until it does.
Alternatively, another list member may post the single rebuttal, but
they take responsibility for the content and for insuring that it is
civil in tone and does not contain personal attacks.   At that point,
further conversation about the suspension should be taken offline.

If you feel that the above rules impinge on your freedom of speech,
there is an alternative scuba list that does not impose rules of
civility on its participants.  It is called scuba-se, and can be
found through catalist or at this web address:


"When thou enter a city, abide by its customs." --  The Talmud.

This quote is taken from a netiquette web site (link below) and applies to
all mail lists and newsgroups.  It is especially true here.

Before Posting to any mailing list or newsgroup it is a good idea to
read the list for a few weeks.  This will allow you to understand the
list culture and have a better understanding of the unwritten rules of
conduct.  Scuba-l is full of unwritten rules of conduct.

Some general guidelines that will serve you well in Scuba-l:

--All scuba topics are welcome-- rec., tech, wreck, dive travel,
beginner, equipment, etc.

--ADVERTISING IS NOT ALLOWED.  Posting to Scuba-l for the purpose of
promoting a commercial venture is not welcome, even if it is done only
a single time.  Such a post will result in a reply from some members
of the list requesting all members boycott your business forever.  It
is acceptable to state a business name, contact info, web link,
etc. in your .sig. An occasional, non-repetitive ad of personal gear
for sale is acceptable but please place "FS" in the subject line.

--DO NOT forward jokes, virus warnings, general Internet info, and
other non-scuba related items to the list.  You are not performing a
public service.  If you want to share such things with friends on the
list, do so privately.  We have seen all of the jokes and most virus
warnings are hoaxes.

--When sending messages to the list, be sure to have your emailer
preferences set to PLAIN TEXT instead of HTML.

Additonally, all posted content should be 7 bit and not encoded in
either base64 or quoted-printable.  Any encoding will result in some
percentage of the readers of your message being unable to read it.  If
you understand mime, the only acceptable content-transfer-encoding is

If you find that you can't do this, you should send your postings to
mailto:[log in to unmask] instead of sending them
directly to  Your posting will be run through a
program that processes it into plain text and forwards it to the list.
If this does not work for some reason, please contact the list owners
at the mailto:[log in to unmask] address above.

--DO NOT post binaries (Photos, etc.) or attachments to the list.

--DO NOT 'quote' an entire message in your reply. DO include some
information as to WHOM and to WHAT you're replying.  Be selective.
Attribute correctly, accurately, and concisely.  Many people attach
automated signatures to their e-mail.  Do not quote these, unless you
find them pithy enough to comment on. See the netiquette link below
for details on how to effectively quote and otherwise post to a
mailing list.

--You are new here.  Before you correct the behavior of others on the
list, be sure you have spent sufficient time reading the list.  Each
list has its own culture and the behavior you criticize may be part of
that generally accepted on this list.  It is no defense that you are a
mailing list/newsgroup veteran -- you are new here.

BEFORE MAKING YOUR FIRST POST visit the following sites.  Read them.
These sites will help you understand better some general netiquette
items as well as some LOCAL cultures, as in a new neighborhood or new
A good general netiquette site.
The NED FAQ.  Never ask:  What is a NED?
Who are all these people?
What are these FUC's?


--You can search past scuba-l postings on Dejanews
by searching in the forum "bit.listserv.scuba-l".

However, deja's archives are reported to no longer be current.
By sending "index scuba-l" and then "get" commands to
[log in to unmask], you can get recent archives.  The amount of
space allocated to listserv archives is limited.

--Before posting a question you might find the rec.scuba FAQ very helpful.


Post in plain text and send the text of your post to:
[log in to unmask]

Enjoy Scuba-l!