Hi all,

Last time I updated my gear page and posted the URL to the list...

...Jan (I think) and possibly others asked about underwater pics with the
setup.  There are a number of changes I still need to make to the web site
(now have nearly 200 dives with the Halcyon wings and backplate and changed
a few things around, so some images are out of date) but here is a preview
of an mpeg I'm adding and one of the UW shots.

The following link should open a nice little MPEG that shows really well
how streamlined and neat the whole setup is underwater (many thanks to Tim
Hochgrebe at Planula divers retreat
for the MPEG and still)...

The reason for the eratic swimming pattern is the girdled parma (in the
first few frames) that decided to launch an attack as I came into shot.  If
those buggers were any larger you wouldn't be able to set foot in the
water, I've got the scars to prove it  :-)

The following link should open a JPEG (the shiny metal thing I'm holding is
an underwater tripod), hopefully Tim has a few shots from other angles
minus the tripod...



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