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> Back to the Coastanoans. I saw on a site devoted to the Coastanoans, an
> image showing the areas of the different tribes
> ( There are quite
> a few in a very small area. I assume speaking different dialects (note:
> it's a hypothetical reconstruction of tribal areas, but probably correct
> for the most part):
> Just to show how many there were...
> Around the bay there were: Rumesen, Locuyusta In Calendaruc (my hometown
> actually lies within their former territory), Tiuvta In Calendaruc,
> Aptos/Cajastaca, Uypi
> Immediately surrounding them inland there were the: Sayante, Chalotaca,
> Pitac/Chitactac, Unjaima, Motsun, Ensen
I think these are very evocative names.  Have you considered
Montreianising them and using them as names of localities, even

> Quite a large number of tribes, and it's only showing the southern
> Costanoan tribes (the Coastanoans extend all the way to Clear Lake in the
> north which is the northern limits of Montrei), and a small number of
> Yokut tribes. I was quite happy to discover there is a Rumsen dictionary
> out there. There's just about nothing on Rumsen (it's extinct, sadly).
> Rumsen is in the Miwok-Costanoan branch of Penutian.
Just waiting to be revived and borrowed into Montreiano then.

- andrew.
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