Welcome David!

On Sun, 12 Nov 2000, David Stokes wrote:

> It is not finished, but then it sounds like conlangs are never finished.

Nope. Never. There is always more work to be done on them. Some part of
the grammar that isn't quite right. Words that need to be changed or
invented. Constant work.

> One thing I found when working on Diom is that I was too close to it. I
> repeatedly found myself paralyzed when I'd come up with something, then
> say "No, thats not right." and erase it. I was making it up so it would
> seem like I could do anything I wanted. But it felt like there was an
> already existing correct language out there and I was just trying to
> find out what it was. Does this happen to the rest of you ?

I think most people here will agree that this is a very common phenomenon.
There have been things that I wanted to put in my main conlang Telek that
just did not belong, and I was forced to take them out. COnversly, there
are times when I didn't want something, but was forced to add it anyways.
And I won't even talk about the pronunciation of words/morphemes.