On Sun, 12 Nov 2000 23:49:00 +0000, Keith Alasdair Mylchreest
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>Note: This must be about my eight attempt to post to this list, if this
>you can stuff it! Definitely not friendly to strangers.

Hello, Keith! Nice to hear from you!

Did you try to subscribe from eGroups? I didn't work with me either. I
couldn't join until Christophe pointed to .

Who can edit the list's start page on eGroups? IMO we need a pointer there
at last.

>I seem to have problems posting to this list, so rather than type
>out a load of stuff here's a short test, the Wind on the Black Hills
>poem in Kernewek (a sort of reconlang?!)

I'm not sure Cornish people will like it... But there's a lot in common
between revivalism and conlanging, technically.

>and Saprutum - which is a
>conlang, but then no doubt somewhere in the multiverse ...
>An gwyns dres an vreow du,
>An tewez dres an trethow gell,
>Drehevyans an morlanow,
>Drehevyans an howl.
>Yeraw#am qalezgabli.sawdiyim,
>Ye#awlam qalezsappi.sapriyim,
>Interesting pun there, sapr- is both adj. "yellow" and noun "report,
>utterance", so sappu.saprum could be a yellow shore or a whispering
>shore, ah, the whispering shifting sand!