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>The vocabulary shows a
>remarkable resemblance to the Hebrew original  ;-)

Unlike the grammar ;)

I liked a lot the way you use prefixes, and the 'internal genitive'
derived from prepositional phrases. Absolutely un-Semitic, but cool!

bayta-mebnayi-Yawnatim.... Hm... I'd borrow this  :o

>     <?> is a voiceless glottal or pharyngeal stop, distinctly
>          pronounced.

Oh... either glottal or pharyngeal... for me, not quite the same...
and on your site you mention 'uvular', in addition... or do you
mean that the pronunciation isn't known exactly to modern scholars ;) ?
>     <q> is the voiced equivalent of the above, a sort of
>          strangled "g"


>     <#> which should really by a barred-"h" is a voiced [h] sound,
>          and

Did you mean *hooked* h?

coincidentally looking through various Semitic stuff for his own conlangs