daniel andreasson wrote:
> Robert Hailman wrote:

> > At least you're consistent - whenever I come up with a theory, it's half
> > right and half wrong, so if I take the opposite it'll be about the same.
> LOL! :) You know, my theory has problems with it too. Since it's a
> theory of mine, it should be wrong, and thus its exact opposite. But
> in that case all my theories would be correct. Arrghs! My theory is
> a paradox! :-)

AAAARRRGGGGGHH! That means my theory is a paradox too, probably!

> > Evidently. I'm probably going to end up studying linguistics, too.
> At dinner with my class and the profs yesterday I got the feeling
> that they wanted us all to become PhD students, but at the same
> time they talked about the lousy job opportunities and how hard
> it was to become a PhD student. Perhaps they just want to confuse
> us.

From my experience, that's what profs do. My uncle is a prof, he's a
confusing person in general.