David Stokes wrote:
> Amensazhus liel !
> (Greeting in Diom.)
> ("May the day be beautiful.")
> My name is David Stokes. I've been reading the list for a couple of
> weeks now, but this is my first official post.

Ugh visenepi khinepi nom odapugho, Davidu.
("God looks well onto you, David.")

Welcome to the list, David. It's always a pleasure to welcome a new
member to the list.

> I've been conlanging for years, but not with much sustained effort.
> About a year ago I discovered some of the sites on the web and was
> inspired to drag out my old attempts and work on the again.

Precisely what happened to me, last February, 'cept I looked over my old
attempts and decided to shelve them. They're not very useable, to say
the least.

I took a quick glance at Diom, it looks pretty nice. I'll look at it in
more detail later on, but so far I like what I see.

Unfortunately I don't have a website for Ajuk, the language I used
above. I do have a 600K Word file about it, but it's pretty out of date.


> It is not finished, but then it sounds like conlangs are never finished.

Nope, never are. They can be usable, they can have a robust vocabulary,
and the creator can stop working on them, but they are never *finished*
- there's always something that can be added, changed, or made better.

> One thing I found when working on Diom is that I was too close to it. I
> repeatedly found myself paralyzed when I'd come up with something, then
> say "No, thats not right." and erase it. I was making it up so it would
> seem like I could do anything I wanted. But it felt like there was an
> already existing correct language out there and I was just trying to
> find out what it was. Does this happen to the rest of you ?

Happens to me a lot - when I began work on Ajuk, it didn't feel like I
was creating a language, it felt like I was discovering a language that
had always been a part of me, somewhere in the back.

> So now I have decided to set Diom aside for a while and work on some
> other projects. These will give me chance to try out some other ideas.
> Then maybe when I go back to Diom I can progress a little more easily. I
> will discuss these other projects in future posts.

That's a good idea, I stopped working on Ajuk temporarily, and started
work on some other conlangs. They're coming along nicely, and they're
very different from Ajuk.


> that yet). I had one intro linguistics class as an undergrad, and so may
> be a bit naive about some points of linguistic theory.

Well, you're a head of me, I'm still in high school.

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