The Gray Wizard wrote:

>>cuennaen govamme, elivas an derrin erdulmiraen i horndirron, i veldonan!
>>Greetings, welcome to the list, David

> \t i   veldonan
> \m i   meldon  =an
> \g the beloved =masc
> \p det n       =gnd
> \x the David
> David = beloved = meldon
> In formal speech, formulaic greetings and when speaking about someone, the
> definite article 'i' must be used.  The definite article causes lenition of
> the initial consonant of the associated noun (i meldonan > i veldonan).
> This is because the definite article in the protolanguage was the prefix
> 'ir-'  and 'r' causes lenition of some following consonants.  In amman iar,
> the definite article has become a separate particle and reduced to 'i'
> (except before a noun with an initial vowel), but the morphophonetic
> accommodation remained.  Additionally, names are always inflected for gender
> allowing the stems to be used for either sex, e.g. i veldonan (masc) / i
> veldoniel (fem).
> David
> David E. Bell
> The Gray Wizard

I love what you did with my name. But then, I guess you've had some time
to work on that particular name, haven't you.

>OT: Aha, a fellow astronomer!  Are you still active?  Check out my astronomy
>pages at

I'm no longer professionally active (paths not followed, etc...) but I
keep up with the news and I try to get out and observe now and then.
There was a 5th mag. comet over the summer that looked quite nice in
binoculars. I found your astronomy page about a week ago while looking
at your language page. I'm going to have to get something like your news
ticker, that's nifty. By the way, on my site, on the photography page I have
some photos I took of Hale-Bopp.

David Stokes