John! Amazing! You really got me going. Although I took
it one step further to see where it all ended up.

Oh. I've been computerless for about a week. That's
why some replies are a bit belated.

The sound changes are basically these:

1. move of stress to first syllable  (rafki > rfiki 'friend')
2. syncope (loss of unstressed syllable)  (rafki)
3. umlaut  (rfki) (a lowers; o,u round; i,e front)
4. apocope (loss of final vowel)  (rfk)

/g/ -> [j] / _ [+front] [-cons]  (gr -> jr)

stop -> fric / V _ V  (dktr -> dxr)

voiceless fric -> voiced / V _ V (rfk = [r&vk])

h -> x  ([x])  (dahabu --> dxp)

umlauted a -> hooked-o ->  ([2])

final stops are devoiced  (baba --> bap)

Anyway. Here are the results:

(Final r, n, l are syllabic.)

Gomp mtt  zng   <  n-gombe watatu zangu
cows three my
'My three cows'

bap    ja  taef   <  baba ya taifa
father GEN nation
'Father of the nation'

xp   'guld'          f   'silver, money'
tot    'child'         pytt  'small child'
gomp   'cow'           bap   'father'
ja      GEN            taef  'nation'
wtt   'three'         zng  1SG:POSS
jr    'car, wagon'    klm  'pencil'
rfk   'friend'        dxtr 'doctor'
eln  'thirty'        tfl 'please'

>  A: Hujambo.

>  B: Sijambo.

>  A: Habari gani?
         How are you (lit. what are the news)?
                    Hvr jn?

>  B: Habari nzuri (sana).
         Good (very).
                     Hvr zyr.

>  B: Na wewe je?
         How about you(yourself)?
                     Na wew je?

>  A: Mzima.
         Fine (lit. I am healthy).

>  B: Nyumbani hawajambo?
         Is everyone at home well?
                     Jybn hvjb?

>  A: Wote hawajambo.
         All are fine.
                     Vt hvjb.

>  A: Habari za kazi?
         How is (your) work?
                     Hvr za hjz?

>  B: Kazi inaendelea vizuri.
         Work is fine (lit. work is going well).
                     Hjz inendl vizr.

>  A: Haya, tutaonana.
         O.k. we will see each other again (later).
                     Haj, tutnan.

>  B: Haya, kwa heri ya kuonana.
         O.k.,Goodbye (lit. goodbye to see each other again).
                     Haj, kva her ja kvnn.


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