Tylch thru uinam!
("Wisdom by you!")

My name's Tommaso R. Donnarumma.  I've been a Conlang member for
a few years, until December 1997, when I sadly had to unsubscribe
because of lack of time and several real-life problems.  I'm now
back to the list...  Yahoo! :-)

I'm an Italian conlanger, mainly interested in personal languages,
or "artlangs," as they are called.  I'm indeed deeply convinced
that language creation can be a form of art (won't need to name
J.R.R. Tolkien here:  you already know) -- although I'd never dare
to think of myself as an artist.

I've been conlanging for at least 16 years now, and have made a
number of distinct languages, most of them -- alas! -- still at a
very sketchy stage of development:

* Streich (grammar nearly finalized, although my docs are all
messy because of overlapping revisions, most of them undone when
I realized I was adding features I didn't really want just to
increase the language complexity;  some 2,000 lexical entries;
a few very old translations, not in line with current grammar)

* Kluna (a set of related dialects, currently under heavy revision;
very poor lexicon;  one translation, likely not in line with
final grammar when revision will end).

* Anawanda (grammar nearly finalized with ready for publication
HTML docs;  nearly inexistent lexicon;  no text available).

* Heichi (grammar finalized, docs in order although sketchy;  poor
lexicon;  one original text).

* Gwalan (grammar sketched, but needs more reflection;  no lexicon,
no text).

* Len-q?is (an old but unfortunate project -- only phonology
survived to repeated revisions).

* Ishtalo (open project, started about one year ago, if memory
serves me, and set apart because of lack of time -- I'm working on
it right in these days).

* Tymlk (a new idea, started two weeks ago -- think I'll set it
aside for a while to dedicate to my other langs).

To these you can add a silly game language named Fjinnjikulla...

I used to have a website, but I turned it down when Geocities went
into Yahoo!-Geocities.  I plan to have a new website up with
current information as soon as possible.

For a quick bio, I'll turn 30 in a month and a week.  I live in
Rome, where I work as a lawyer.  Use read a lot, write (very little
in these days), sing in a choir (actually, three!).  I've got a
passion for games, but time for playing is long gone away...  Like
Japanese mangas, too, especially Rumiko Takahashi's (ever heard
of _Urusei Yatsura,_ anyone?).

("Farewell!/Good luck!")