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> My name's Tommaso R. Donnarumma.  I've been a Conlang member for
> a few years, until December 1997, when I sadly had to unsubscribe
> because of lack of time and several real-life problems.  I'm now
> back to the list...  Yahoo! :-)

Welcome back Tommaso! You'll find out quickly that you're not the only Italian
conlanger on the list. Isn't it Luca? :))

> I've been conlanging for at least 16 years now, and have made a
> number of distinct languages, most of them -- alas! -- still at a
> very sketchy stage of development:

Just like me then, I must have tons of sketches of conlangs. Right now what I'm
doing is reviving old sketches into full-grown languages. Takes a lot of time!

> I used to have a website, but I turned it down when Geocities went
> into Yahoo!-Geocities.  I plan to have a new website up with
> current information as soon as possible.

I had your URL (at least until a wrong manoeuver made me erase all my files. I
think I still have it on a ZIP disc somewhere though) but as far as I remember
the website was never very developped. And I think I noticed its turning down :)

> For a quick bio, I'll turn 30 in a month and a week.  I live in
> Rome, where I work as a lawyer.  Use read a lot, write (very little
> in these days), sing in a choir (actually, three!).  I've got a
> passion for games, but time for playing is long gone away...  Like
> Japanese mangas, too, especially Rumiko Takahashi's (ever heard
> of _Urusei Yatsura,_ anyone?).

It rings a bell, definitely, but I can't tell what it is exactly. Personally I
also have a passion for Japanese mangas, specially (please don't wince) Sailor
Moon from Naoko Takeuchi.