Christophe Grandsire hen e theydy galmen:

> Welcome back Tommaso! You'll find out quickly that you're not the
> only Italian conlanger on the list. Isn't it Luca? :))

Thanks!  I already know about Luca (ciao, e grazie per il benvenuto!).
There used to be a few other Italian conlangers on this list, but I
fear they're no longer subscribed.  Maurizio, Claudio, Piermaria, are
you still out there?

>> I've been conlanging for at least 16 years now, and have made a
>> number of distinct languages, most of them -- alas! -- still at a
>> very sketchy stage of development:
> Just like me then, I must have tons of sketches of conlangs.
> Right now what I'm doing is reviving old sketches into full-grown
> languages. Takes a lot of time! :)

Please, don't even mention time! ;-)  Once upon a time I thought that
having many open projects could help me take full advantage of the
ebb and tide of my creative vein, but it looks like I either have no
idea at all or many ideas for all of my languages at once... :-(

> I had your URL (at least until a wrong manoeuver made me erase
> all my files. I think I still have it on a ZIP disc somewhere though)
> but as far as I remember the website was never very developped. And I
> think I noticed its turning down :)

Oh, that's good news!  I thought nobody ever noticed my site (had a
counter there which never went above 25...) -- but it's true it was
pathologically underdeveloped...  As to the URL, it's good you lost
it, since I'm seeking for a different arrangement.

>> Like Japanese mangas, too, especially Rumiko Takahashi's (ever heard
>> of _Urusei Yatsura,_ anyone?).
> It rings a bell, definitely, but I can't tell what it is exactly.
> Personally I also have a passion for Japanese mangas, specially (please
> don't wince) Sailor Moon from Naoko Takeuchi.

Won't wince if you won't wince too! :-)  If you're curious about
Urusei Yatsura, you can have a look at <>.