> From: andrew  <hobbit@M...>
> Date: Tue Nov 14, 2000 6:27am
> Subject: Re: Saprutum

> Am 11/14 00:14  Steg Belsky yscrifef:

>> I seem to remember someone here mentioning a work on Proto-Semitic by the
>> same people who have that index of Indo-European roots in the back of
>> their English dictionary.

> The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language.  There is a
> link to their online list of semitic roots at
> .  I haven't looked at the semitic roots,
> but the indo-european roots have been a resource for several of us.

Many thanks, this is *very* useful, just to get a table of correspondences
between languages for the Semitic consonants has cleared up some problems.
(Anyone know how/ why two of the "emphatics" which are supposed to be
voiceless by definition (?) ended up voiced in Arabic?). So now I can
derive my Saprutum consonants regularly from Protosemitic if I want to,
which is not to say that I won't claim "dialect mixture" when I get it wrong,
or if all else fails "Iberian influence", assuming that is that Iberian is
more or less an unknown quantity (hopefully :-) ).

I'm putting more of the grammar on to the webpage as time allows, I have it
largely worked out, I just need to write it up in a form other people might
be able to understand. Also I appologise for not marking the stressed
syllables which makes the whole thing a lot more readable. I'll go over the
whole page doing this when it's finished.

> And welcome, Keith, to this mad, noisy list! :)

Many thanks, the level of activity is a bit daunting at first, the level of
linguistic knowledge and ability even more so!

> andrew.