On Tue, Dec 19, 2000 at 07:41:55PM -0500, Robert Hailman wrote:
> I've noticed that the signatures in your messages are different every
> time. Is there a program that does that for you? I'd like to do the same
> with my signature.

Hehe, I *knew* somebody would notice sooner or later :-P

Well, it depends on whether your mail program is configurable enough to
allow variable signatures. I'm using Mutt (under Linux of course), which
allows your signature to be the output of any arbitrary shell command. My
current setup uses a Perl script that randomly picks a line from a file of
quotes I've collected. If you happen to have Perl and use a mailer which
allows this degree of customization, I'll be happy to send you my Perl
script. :-)


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