On Tue, Nov 21, 2000 at 09:36:11PM -0500, Elliott Lash wrote:
> frequently are preserved, though not all. (I can't think of any words that
> begin with "psi" for example).

[psuk<h>i] is one (Attic Greek, I suppose the modern pronunciation is
something like [psiki]?)

>     Finally in nominal morphology, nouns of the third declension (i.e those
> with consonent stems) have been reorganized. The accusative has taken over
> nominative functions. Also the dual was lost.

And the dative case no longer exists, its function being (mostly?) taken
by the genitive. Is there still a vocative case in modern Greek? Perhaps
that went away, too.

But anyway, about Greek being a "strange" language... *I'd* say, "Welcome
to the Real World!" where things aren't as regular or "normal" as we'd
like them to be. "Fact is stranger than fiction", after all. :-)


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