Mikael Johansson skrev:

> > What's she doing that requires conlanging?

> She's doing _conlanging_. The subject of her paper is constructing a
> language. As such. :-)

Oh!? I wish I'd known about conlanging when I did that. Instead
I wound up doing something about the vikings. Boring! ;-)

> > That's really weird. Is that part of Coronese artificial?

> Umm... what do you mean by artificial? It was an effect of generating a
> language that would fit the _very_ computer-heavy cyborg society -- thus
> introducing concepts from CS quite heavily into the language. The bracket
> tags are sort of HTML/XML-tags lexicalized :-)

Yeah. I haven't looked very deep into the culture, just the
language. It looked like a complang with all those tags - sgat.
Now it makes more sense.

> The dual is included in the singular.

How come? Haven't heard that one before. Why do they differ
between one and three and more, but not one and two?

> A friend of mine described it as 'Latin on steroids'.

Hehe. "You get what you read". When I started taking Old Icelandic
I immediately introduced umlaut into Rinya.


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