I don't know how delayed I am in responding to this...
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Yoon Ha Lee wrote:

>On Thu, 16 Nov 2000, Nik Taylor wrote:
>> Yoon Ha Lee wrote:
>> > Though couldn't you look at a moiety
>> > as a clan system with just two clans?  Or is there some fundamental
>> > difference I'm missing?
>> From what I understand of moieties, that's bascially correct.
>Thanks.  :-)

Technically, Nik is not entirely correct. Moieties can include
several phratries within them, and phratries themselves can
contain several clans. Moieties are basically a lot more
inclussive kin groups than clans. The distinction between
phratries and moieties is not simply a matter of the number of
groupings. Moieties are intended to produce a balanced opposition
within a society. The constantly reinforced social and economic
exchanges between them results in economic equality and political

Again, my apologies for my delayed response. <damn server!>

-kristian- 8)