Thanks Chuck, yes buying the book for my non-diving friends who want to
know the lure of SCUBA.

The 3 divers I spoke to, one was a NAUI and other a PADI instructor, claim
the effects of narcosis are noticeable but not incapacitating with
experience in deep dives [ defined as past 100 ft.], and I knew this claim
is supported by the medical literature.  It however, comes with increased risk.

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>Subject: Re: Your deepest Dive on Air?
>My personal deepest was around 180FFW but I dont know that there is a floor
>per se.  There are points at which you get stupid and there will be a point
>where O2 becomes a problem but many people have done many dives below 180FFW
>on air.  Find a book called 'The Last Dive'.
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>Subject: Your deepest Dive on Air?
> >What was the deepest dive you've ever done on air?
> >Is the floor on air really 185 feet [ppO2 ~ 1.4]?
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