Strike writes:

> It's always seemed to me that there's no point to deep air
> records.  Going deep for its own sake is a meangless exercise
> unless it's to push the limits of scientific understanding
> or has, as its purpose, a specific mission-oriented task.


Otherwise, its just time for the "Dumbass Awards", for the most gross abuse
of an inappropriate technology, although I did like the rat poison comment
as well.

> It just seems to have taken an inordinate length of time for
> helium use to percolate through to the recreational market!  :-)

I don't really understand that one, but I do suspect that it had to do with
economics.  I'm pretty sure that I've read that the USA has been selling off
a lot of its military stocks of Helium over the past decade and that will do
a lot to depress prices (classical supply & demand) and thus the cost per

> > I carry a "Narcosis testing kit" with me :-)  I really do
> > find it surprising just how "good" I can feel immediately
> > prior to pulling the camera up to compose a really
> > reveals just how insidious it is.

FWIW, a wintertime analogy would be the discovery that you're driving on
black ice.

> The reason for deep air diving deaths may well be oxygen
> toxicity - but the chances are that it's caused by the
> diver's inability to think rationally and sensibly due to
> an excess of nitrogen.