I just got back from 9 days diving Statia, Dutch Antilles.  Highly
recommended if you want to get away from the world and simply dive, eat,
sleep, meet nice people, ad infinitum.  More later about diving Statia if
others are interested.

My Genesis Resource put me in a 10 ft deco in 15/18 dives when my entire
dive party had over 5-10 minutes to spare at depth.  I then dove
simultaneously with an old Aladin Pro for 10 dives and it gave me typically
+11 minutes at depth, and credit on rising to shallower depth whereas my
Genesis was recording deco times.  The Aladin Pro gave me baseline N2
levels after 6-12 hours [i.e., less than a PADI A Pressure Group diver]
whereas the Genesis gave me the same level after 24.

The diving computers involved were Suunto Vyer, Uwatec Aladin Pro, Uwatec
Aladin Pro Nitrox, Genesis Nitrox, Commander.

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>Date:    Mon, 27 Nov 2000 22:31:31 -0800
>Subject: Re: Dear Santa...
>A friend of mine that was with me in the Bahamas recently had a heck of a
>time with this computer (Suunto,Vyper) because of the conservative nature
>of the settings kept putting him in deco at the safety stop on the
>second and third dives ....
>just be aware when people say that this puter is conservative ...they are
>not exaggerating .

Warm regards,