On Tuesday, December 12, 2000 8:16 AM, Gozum_NT at OIT wrote:

> What was the deepest dive you've ever done on air?

Pissing contests have never interested me!  (Particularly when they serve no
useful purpose!) :-)

> Is the floor on air really 185 feet [ppO2 ~ 1.4]?

Marv.  It seems to me that people get so hung up about oxygen toxicity that
they overlook the real dangers of deep air diving - which is nitrogen
narcosis.  (By the time many people get to the depth at which they're likely
to suffer an O2 hit there's every possibility that they'll be so narced that
they'll no longer be able to make rational decisions concerning their safety
and well being.)

As far as the limiting line for O2 toxicity's concerned, it will depend upon
many factors, both external and internal.  If, however, a diver chooses to
work with a maximum PPo2 on air of 1.4 then his maximum operating depth
should be no deeper than 56.666 metres (by my calculations about 185.91 ft
when rounding O2 content of air to 21%).