On Wednesday, December 13, 2000 5:07 AM, Gozum_NT at OIT wrote:

> Thanks David, yes not trying to initiate a pee contest!

Hi, Marv.  I didn't really think that you were, but sometimes answers to
those questions stray from the intent!  :-)

>I presume those
> who answered clearly survived the incident,  beyond the 185 ffw 'floor' I
> mention [ which I take from a chapter from Bove's Diving Medicine.]
> I brought this up for 2 reasons:
> First, pelagics.
> How big is big?  These divers claim routinely 10-20 lbs lobsters gallivant
> at over 100 ft.  I saw many ~> 10 lbs lobster at > 80ft on this dive trip.

It might just be me, but everything that I see underwater grows larger in
relation to depth. <BWG>  To me, your 10 lb lobsters would have been 40 lb
behemoths!  :-)

> Second:
> Statia has some spectacular coral formations onto lava flows that
> into an abyss ~260 fsw, and rise to peaks at 70 fsw [ called the 'Grand
> Canyons.']  It looked like your regular reef, except everything was BIG!!
> Anyway, whilst marveling at unusual coral formations I did plunge under
> ft for  minutes on air, and realized on the surface a nitrox computer
> help me track pp02 exposure as an additional item to monitor besides deco
> time from N2, whilst diving air.
> I did feel a weak 'fogginess' akin to a glass of wine on an empty stomach
> that began around 130 fsw.  This was overcomed by the beauty of the
> surroundings, and the recognition of the danger at depth.

That's one of the 'nice' effects of narcosis.  It does, however, "affect
different people in different ways on different days"  (A dollar for
everytime we've heard that phrase used?)  All too often it can stimulate
feelings of unease or, in extreme cases, panic attacks.  Personally I prefer
my narcosis served up in beer glasses!  :-)