On Fri, 15 Dec 2000 23:55:19 -0800 Barry Garcia
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> Well, since the list seems to have quieted down, here's a possible
> sound
> change i've been considering for Montreiano.  When l is final,it
> becomes
> /w/, but is written as /u/ (i'm not sure if what i'm thinking is
> written
> correctly here, but bear with me:
> arbol > arbou, alcól (alcohol) > alcóu, sal > sau
> Also final r becomes l (this happens a little later in the language
> than
> the l > /w/:
> faular > faulal, andar > andal, ir > il
> thoughts?

That's what happens in Jūdajca!  :-)
syllable-final /l/ becomes /w/, and from there either /v/, /f/, or
merging with a back vowel.
syllbale-final /r/ becomes /l/.

amāre > amār > amāl  "to love"
amārī > amāri > amār  "to be loved"

familiae > pamivja  "family"
autumnī > aftumni  "autumn"

btw, i'm trying to figure out how to say "good week!" in Jūdajca....for
"week" my Latin dictionary has something like _septimana_ as well as a
Greek(?) borrowing _hebdon..._ something.  "week" in Spanish is _semana_,
does anyone know where the middle _...pti..._ went?  Was it even there in

-Stephen (Steg)
 "something bona!"