Marcus Smith <[log in to unmask]> writes:

> Lots of languages have fewer
> clusters, lots of languages have more.

To my knowledge, Georgian allows a lot: [vprtskvni].

According to,
this means ,i am peeling it'... :-)

> The Place
> Heirarchy isn't established to my knowledge, but it seems possible.

I read that Georgian has similar things (it is more a preference than
a strict rule): consonants in clusters tend to move backwards in the
mouth and eventually jump back to the front.  In the above word, there
are two parts moving backwards:

   [v  p   r   t   s   k     + v   n  + i]
   lab lab alv alv alv vel     lab alv

Another word from the above URL:
   [m  t    s'   +  v    r   t   n    + e l i]
   lab alv  alv     lab  alv alv alv

> >Very interesting, elegant even.

Yes!  Nice construction.