Barry Garcia wrote:
+AD4APg-(by the way, does anyone
+AD4APg-know if it's possible to get a u with a tilde over it? Is there any ALT
+AD4APg-for that?)
+AD4-Not that I can tell. I have windows, and my keyboard set up so I can do
+AD4-diacritics, and it doesnt allow a tilde over the u (the setting takes the
+AD4-place of using ALT codes).+AD4-

True, there doesn't seem to be an ALT code, but, O ye of little faith, with
GATES all things are possible.  At least on my windows98 machine, with WP8.
As to Macs, +AL8-qui+AOk-n sabe?

1. Select the Special Characters (Control W, or click on the icon), and get
the Phonetic set.  You need to use that set, becuz the keyboard's tilde will
print thru, not over, the character. (Multinational set has some diacritics
too+ADs- they work)

2. Click Format +AD4- Typesetting +AD4- Overstrike

3.  Select and insert the desired diacritic, type in the desired letter, (or
vice versa), click OK.

Voil+AOA-.  Of course this is laborious and there's probably some neat way to do
it, but that's beyond me.  I managed to do a u-tilde and a g-tilde, and
assume lots of other combinations would be possible.  And of course it
doesn't work in email.
Curiously, none of this is mentioned in HELP+ADs- I found out about it last
winter thru an AOL help-chat forum.