Eruanno wrote:

> I have made a list of words that would be acceptable, ( 151 altogether ),
> and will derive roots from those and start working on some meanings ( so I
> have indeed started working on the lexicon. )
> I have one word with a meaning ( Audrienna or something similar ), which I
> formed from the name of this lady I like ( Audry ).  It means beautiful.

I have done something similar with the words 'to like' and 'to love' in my
Vaiysi - marto and loudo, respectively : )

> I did that with my last language, Laure being Beautiful then... ^_^
> Anyways,
> Thanks for all the info.  I am more comfortable with the article system,
> I will go with that.
> A new question, could I just classify Adjectives and Adverbs together in
> Adjectives?

Yeah.... German does it:

du bist schnell
you be.2s quick

komm schnell!
come.IMP quickly

Heinrik bitte sag mir, ob ich Fehler gemacht habe : )

> One more thing, could someone list me all the things that would be needed
> for a very complete language in the Elvish-Latin form of a language.
> I have the Negator, Verb stuff, Noun Stuff, some Adjectives, a whole
> for comparatives, something on subjunctives, and specials ( the negator
> softener being in there ).

Take a look at Mark Rosenfelder's Language Construction kit (at or at Pablo Flores's How to create a
language (at There
you'll find an exhaustive list of all the things you need.