Continuing with Montreiano verbs...

This message will cover the compound tenses (perfect forms). These tenses
use a form of auel (to have), plus the verb in the past participle "Tenel"
(also "to have") is used when expressing obligation:

Teno que il. - I have to go.

I won't list the verbs in the past particple for these (a lot to write,
i'm lazy, and it's easily formed). Examples of verbs in the past
participle are in "Montreiano Verbs II", but i'll give them here for
reference. I'll give an example at the bottom of each section. I am going
to follow the Spanish forms for haber somewhat, but only because I don't
have access to the Vulgar Latin ones (so if you know them, please feel
free to send me them) So, these may be temporary forms.

loved - amáo, eaten - comío, lived - viuío

Perfect Infinitive - Infinitiuo Compòsto

áuel amáo - to have loved

Perfect Gerund (i cant remember the alternate name) - Gerundio Perfecto

áuiendo amáo - having loved

Present Perfect Indicative - Perfecto Compòsto Deu Indicatiuo

For the forms where h would have originally been written (but after
reforms dropped), an acute accent is written to differentiate some forms
from other grammatical elements (such as é - I have vs. e - and)

1sg. é
2sg. as
3sg.    á
1pl.    auemos
2pl.    aueis
3pl.    an

- É amáo - I have loved.

Pluperfect Indicative - Pluscuamperfecto Deu Indicatiuo

1sg. auía
2sg. auías
3sg.    auía
1pl.    auíamos
2pl.    auíais
3pl.    auían

- Io auía amáo - I had loved.

Preterit Perfect - Preteríto Perfecto

1sg. úue
2sg. úuist
3sg.    úuo
1pl.    úuimos
2pl.    úuisteis
3pl.    úueron

- Úue amáo. - I had loved.

Future Perfect - Futuro Perfecto

1sg. auré
2sg. aurás
3sg.    aurá
1pl.    aurémos
2pl.    auréis
3pl.    aurán

- Auré amáo. - I will have loved.

Present Perfect Subjunctive - Present Perfecto Deu Subjuntiuo

1sg. aia
2sg. aias
3sg.    aia
1pl.    aiamos
2pl.    aiais
3pl.    aian

- Espero que aias amáo. - I hope that you have loved.

Preterite Perfect Subjunctive - Preterito Perfecto Deu Subjuntiuo

1sg. úuese
2sg. úueses
3sg.    úuese
1pl.    úuesemos
2pl.    úueseis
3pl.    úuesen

- Esperei que úueses amáo.  - I hoped that you had loved.

Second Preterite Perfect Subjunctive - Preterito Perfecto Segundo Deu

1sg. úuera
2sg. úueras
3sg.    úuera
1pl.    úueramos
2pl.    úuerais
3pl.    úueran

- Esperei que úuera amáo. - I hoped that you had loved.

Future Perfect Subjunctive - Futuro Perfecto Deu Subjuntiuo

Like the simple Future Perfect Subjunctive, the 1sg., 2sg., 3sg.forms were
remodeled slightly.

1sg. úuer
2sg. úuers
3sg.    úuer
1pl.    úueremos
2pl.    úuereis
3pl.    úueren

- Esperaré que úuers amáo. - I will hope that you will have loved.

Perfect Conditional - Condiçonau Perfecto

1sg. auría
2sg. aurías
3sg.    auría
1pl.    auríamos
2pl.    auríais
3pl.    aurían

- Io auría amáo. - I would have loved.

There, that should be it. For these. Next up...Progressive tenses (can you
tell I have a lot of time? :))


Aunque vengas de rodillas
y me implores y me pidas
aunque vengas y me llores
que te absuelva y te perdone
Aunque a mi me causes pena
he tirado tus cadenas