>From: Nik Taylor <[log in to unmask]>
> > Kukko means 'rooster' or 'cock'
>I wonder if _kukko_ and _cock_ are cognates?  I know that the Finns
>borrowed from the Germanic tribes long long ago, and maybe the other way
>around too.

Yes, there are many loan words from German languages. Many animal names,
however, don't seem to be German loans. This might be one, but I'm not sure
about that. In Swedish 'cock' is 'tupp'.

> > -nen is the a very common ending in surnames.
>What's it mean?  Is it a case ending?

It can be used as a diminutive in some words. Like 'tyttö' = 'girl' ;
'tyttönen' = 'little girlie'. Something to use in the fairy tales... You
could say 'kukkonen' is a little rooster. But the ending is so common in
surnames that we don't think like that. (40% of Finnish surnames have that

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