Vasiliy Chernov wrote:
(snip vast amount of interesting data)
I'm somewhat at a loss to understand the proliferation of forms for 1, in
particular.  There are some interesting and apparently complex sound
correspondences throughout.  But anyway......

>So, my 2 questions (to those who've read so far) are:
>1) Which of the five dialects (A-B-C-D-E) looks, at a glance, more pleasant
>(or less awkward) than others?

To my taste, definitely E.  Definitely not B.

>2) Which of the candidate forms for the numerals 1, 2, 1000 suit your
>dialect best?

In E: 1 b, runner-up e. The k series NOT.  2 d.  100 d, but also b, e.  I
seem to favor shorter and/or more transparent forms.

I am curious:  if these descend from Arabic, I see little or no resemblance
to the Arabic names I'm familiar with from Indonesian, ahad, senin, selasa,
rabo, kamis

>Of course, you can mention more than one lang/etymon, for example:
>'B, C nice, E ugly, 1c best for B, 1e for C.'
>I'll be grateful for any suggestions - thanks in advance!