From: "Yoon Ha Lee"

> I would quail at the thought of going Japanese in Japan, but I'm Korean
> there's already ancestral bad blood, alas.  <sigh>

Regrettable, if understandable.

> Still, it must be such a
> lovely thing to be able to choose one's own characters

The power is intoxicating! :) (And *any*thing is better than  Dao4ge2la1si1
Ke1le4.) My kvetching about governmental authorities aside, once the name
clicked into place, it really began to "work" in ways that previous Chinese
name attempts could never have hoped to approach. The name was I and I was

Anyway, my Japanese tutor in Japan was named "Tomoko" and she switched the
"Tomo" part to a character which she found more to her temperament and/or
liking. I doubt she was able to play with that on official documents, but
everyone who knew her knew her as her self-created name (well, maybe Mom and
Dad went by the old rules). I don't speak Korean, but I would imagine "Ha"
has oodles of character possibilities; don't tell the 'rents and pick one
that works for you :)