So far Kash has only one official version, rather boxy looking and not
amenable to cursive writing.  I've tried, and it just looks messy.
Interestingly, when printed with a felt-tip "calligraphy"pen, it tends to
looks a lot like Hebrew, which might make a nice type-face for notices,
angry handbills and the like.

Just for laughs, I guess I'll get into the name-game here..... In highschool
Spanish I was Rogerio.  Ugh.  The alternate version Rogelio is a little
better.  A complete Spanish version is a horror-- Mills would be Molinos,
but I think Molina is more common; then thanks to a Swiss
grandfather/mother's name it would be Molina y Schwartz. Oh well.  At least
the Schwartz is with me.

"Many Germans in Chile have become to be called O'Hara"-- Peter Lorre, in
_Beat the Devil_.

By the time I got to Indonesian, it was already grad school, and our teacher
very kindly eschewed the native name nonsense.  I suppose we could have
invented single Javanese names, Su-this, Su-that.  Suharto-- 'beautiful
treasure'-- isn't that appropiate.

One student had served with the Peace Corps in Malaysia; her name was Pat.
One day she confessed that her Malaysian friends called her "Fat"-- short
for Fatima-- because they thought "Pat" was inelegant.