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> Ampiros aernost sharusae, vi at Enfors Vilandenae, vi je tais
> zhangoln. The Empire's greatest strength is not the Iron Army,
> but its language.

This is more of a "great work!" posting than an actual commenting
posting. And I'm sorry it's a bit late. I've been busy. And it
seems there weren't that many comments on Diom when you delurked.

Diom feels somewhat like a European language, grammarwise. And
also somewhat phonologically. It has some words that look like
they're borrowed from Latin. Like _sygnae_ 'swan', _volan_ 'to
fly', _dorman_ 'to sleep', _ami_ 'to love', etc. It also seems
to be inspired by Verdurian. Is this correct?

I also have some questions regarding the phonology. In the
table it says that {ch} is a palatal fricative (ich-laut), but
then you exemplify it with the English word 'chime', which
is a post-alveolar affricate. Which one is it?

The vowels are also somewhat confusing. {ae} you say is a mid,
front, tense vowel, exemplifyied by 'snake'. Do you really mean
the diphthong /ej/ of 'snake' or is it rather just an /e/ or /E/?
The other vowel I'm not sure of is {o}. Is it the diphthong /@w/
or /Ow/ or is it the 'pure' vowel /o/?

But overall I like it very much. Very neat thought out declensions
and spiced up with a few irregularities here and there. Great work!


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