Tero wrote:

> I am new on the list. I followed your discussion here a
> little in the summer and then again in december. This really
> is a most interesting forum!

Welcome Tero! This *is* a most interesting forum. The most
interesting maillist I've ever been on. And the most friendly

> Kukko means 'rooster' or 'cock' (only the animal!!) in Finnish.

"Kuk" *does* mean that other thing in Swedish though, so be
glad you changed if you ever come here. :-)

> Q and X seem to me as some unused corners of the keyboard.

I have used < x > for /x/ (ach-laut) and /S/ (sh). I have
< q > in my main project Rinya, but only in the combo < qh >
which is the unvoiced uvular fricative /X/. I should probably
change that though.

> Happy to enter this community of language freaks. : )

We're happy that you've found us!

Daniel from Stockholm

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