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  And even in
> French, there were people who reinterpreted "Yvonne" as "Ivan" just to
> be
> annoying/amusing.

Well, I suppose those people were not native French speakers. Because in French
Yvonne /i'vOn/ and Ivan /i'va~/ sound much too different to allow such

> Yvonne, hmm, Lys?  I'm not as familiar with French surnames as I would
> like.
> Christophe, pouvez-vous suggérer un (?) nom?  :-p
>                                  ^^^^^^
                                   correct! :)

If you want a surname looking like yours, I'd suggest Jeanne /'Zan/. The most
well known of them is no less than Jeanne d'Arc, so the image carried by such a
name is quite good (at least in France).

I have a list of first names at home. If you want and can wait until Monday :),
I will look for some nice surnames.