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> I would like some background on everyone's language, like who would have
> used it?  Where?  and When?
Brithenig is spoken in an alternative timeline where several languages
appear to have been displaced by Romance languages.  The timeline is
known as the Brithenig Timeline, after the first language that was
discovered there, or Ill Bethisad, which is Brithenig for "The
Universe".  Several other people have also discovered languages spoken
in that timeline.

The homeland of Brithenig is the Kingdom of Kemr, a nationstate that
exists in western Britain covering what would be here Wales, Cornwall,
and parts of England.  It forms part of the Federated Kingdoms of Great
Britain.  Brithenig is also spoken in former colonies in the Americas
and Australasia.

The history of the language dates from the fifth century of the Common
Era to present day.  I focus mainly on the modern language.

- andrew.
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Hey, these instructions are in three different languages...
It starts in English, but then it goes into French and Spanish...
It's hard to believe this model is for ages six and up...
You have to be tri-lingual just to read the instructions...
 - Hobbs, Weirdos from Another Planet.