On Sat, 27 Jan 2001, taliesin the storyteller wrote:

> ---- PART I Conlang Typlogic Survey 2001 ----
> House-keeping data
> Name of the participating conlang:

> Name/id of the creators:
Yoon Ha Lee

> Name/id of the submitter, if different from the creator:

> Place used, if any:
Qenar and Avren (nations in a fantasy setting of my own devising, for a
half-finished novel)

> Web-address with more information, if any:
(Note: website information is subject to updates)

> Type of language as per Rick Harrison's system[2]:
> (see
2.1 (I think) with the occasional rare quasi-borrowing from Korean or
Japanese (not in any systematic fashion).

> 1: Word order of Subject (S), Object (O) and Verb (V)
> The possible orders are: SVO/SOV/VSO/VOS/OSV/OVS/free/doesn't apply
> Which order(s) is/are most common?
> Which orders are possible?
> Is the order different if the verb is intransitive, if so, how?
> If it doesn't apply, why?

Free word order is typical, but there's a bias toward SOV in most