>---- PART I Conlang Typlogic Survey 2001 ----
>House-keeping data
>Name of the participating conlang:

Spoken Thoughts ( No con-title yet :-( )

>Name/id of the creators:

Matthew Thomas Todd ( Eruanno )

>Place used, if any:

In the previously titled land of Ninvar.  Used by the politicians, peasants,
noble folk, and such.  Some regions use other languages as well.

>Web-address with more information, if any:
NOTE: Not available now, but will work on sometime in the future...

>Type of language as per Rick Harrison's system[2]:

Like a 1.4.1-2 probably ( ??? )
My language sounds kinda Finnish, with some Swedish and Quenya...

>1: Word order of Subject (S), Object (O) and Verb (V)
>The possible orders are: SVO/SOV/VSO/VOS/OSV/OVS/free/doesn't apply
>Which order(s) is/are most common?
>Which orders are possible?
>Is the order different if the verb is intransitive, if so, how?
>If it doesn't apply, why?

All orders are possible, yet SVO and VSO are more favorable.  A verb being
intransitive changes nothing.
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