* Dan Jones <[log in to unmask]> [010203 16:23]:
> Taliesin wrote:
> > > (A real suggestion:  ought to allow multiple entries at "I")
> >
> > Give me an excuse to release version 1.1 *hint*
> Taking up the hint: Can we have more variety in the religion section,
> please? Like Pagan, Hindu, Shinto etc. I know they're out there. Otherwise
> it looks like I'm an ordained minister of a "personal" religion!

I should have guessed this would happen when I added that category
(there'll never be enough variety in it, no matter what is added).

There's enough changes now that I'll release a new version, so hurry up
with more suggestions or they'll miss the deadline, which is:

    20010205 16:00+1, or in other words: Monday 5th, 1600 CET