>Eruanno wrote:
> > >Congratulations!  I know how it feels to finish a novel.  Don't worry;
> > >a few days, you'll lose that unreal sensation of being a monk finally
> > >released back into the world.  (And me, I always have the need to have
> > >lots of sex, and never do, more's the pity)
> >
> > Well, its not all that long ( 58 pages ), and its not exactly a novel,
> > little stories and such...
> >
> > But I _AM_, however, working on a novel including my con-world, my
> > and my character ( Eruanno ).
>There is another aspiring novelist among us!!!!! My problem is, when I'm
>writing I get carried away by the details. And my conlangs tend to feature
>highly as well.

The same with me.  I mention the town names and kingdom names and noble
names ( etc ) much in my stories, and could become confusing...
I will get my mom to edit it or something ^_^  ( she has always kept me in
line :-( )

> > I also have the need for sex, although...
> > ;-)
>Shame on you! And at your age too ;o).

heheheh  ^_^

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