On Sat, 3 Feb 2001, Andreas Johansson wrote:

> We-ell I'm new on this list, and was recommended to write a mail introducing
> myself, so here it is.

Belatedly, greetings!  I would've responded earlier, but I was in
Nebraska over the weekend (I currently like in New York--a small journey,
but a journey nonetheless).

> My name is Andreas Johansson (pronounced [andre:as juan:son], front a's
> please), I'm a 19 years old Swede. I'm studying Natural Science-Technology

<guilty look>  I still can't differentiate some subtle vowels
distinctions, but thank goodness for email.

> These aren't very exotic; Tairezazh is pretty "European-style" with four
> cases (nom, acc, dat and gen), two numbers (sg and pl), three tenses (past,
> present and future) and 35 phonemes (five short vowels, three long vowels,
> five diphthongs, six stops, eight fricatives, four affricates, two liquids
> and two nasals - the /m/ phoneme can only occure initially). The commonest

/m/ doesn't do any sort of complementary distribution thing?  Just wondering.

Greetings, may your languages flourish--and greetings to anyone else I've
missed in my silence.