* dirk elzinga <[log in to unmask]> [010131 18:23]:
> A while back (1 1/2 - 2 years), we were playing around with the
> Conlanger Code similar to the Geek Code. I know taliesin put it
> up on his website, and I thought was kind of fun; I also
> remember Boudewijn (and others) proposing a language code as
> well. The idea was to provide a quick snapshot of the
> typological features of the language in question. I played
> around with a version of the Language Code as well; I might
> still have the notes somewhere.

Ow, where's me heeeead... *fumbles around in the lab*, ah, there!

Conlanger code: (notice the -er)

The search-engine at Brown is most handy[1] (as I had forgotten where I
put the code <wink>), go see use be-astonished-by[2]

[1] Even though the archive isn't threaded, *complain*
[2] How's that for a Serial Verb Construction! Hah!