On Tue, 6 Feb 2001, Keolah Kedaire wrote:

> Well, I don't quite remember when school and everything else overwhelmed
> me to the point where I regretfully set this list on nomail, but I'm back
> again. *waves*

Greetings!  I joined the list this past summer and hadn't met you before,
but greetings nonethelss.  :-)

> So, I sat down and decided Yeishen needed an alphabet. For a change,
> however, I decided to start with pictograms and evolve into a phonetic
> alphabet. However, I ended up liking the pictograms, so I've kept them as
> their main form of writing.
> For details, see:

They're interesting.  :-)  I have wanted to evolve logographs for any
random writing system from pictograms (graphs?  meep?) but have never
mastered the art of drawing pictures elegant/simple/reduced enough not to
take 5 min. to write!

> Yeishen has a lot of soft sounds, and completely lacks labial stops, for
> one. Word order is VSO. Although I haven't yet figured out how to
> conjugate the verbs with pictograms, and the phonetic alphabet is in its
> infancy at the moment.

I find Yeishen very pretty.  :-)  It must be an art; I personally seem to
specialize in the unaesthetic despite all efforts otherwise.  *Would*
pictogram writing have conjugations necessarily?  (Ignorance speaking.)

Enjoying your conlang,