>   Thank you.  I'll take your response as a compliment.
>   and here is why.
>   Once you get bright enough you start to realize that 90% of what is
>considered "normal" is hardly the sort of thing one would wish on one's
>children.  Public schools, junk food, TV being the biggest example.

The question isn't if the normal is good, the question is whether the
abnormal is better ... Then of course, to answer that somebody have to try

>I bless
>my parents for severely restricting my access to these menaces .  I intend
>to pass those benefits on to my kids.

Exactly what are those benefits? I know from experience that not watching
soap operas do nothing to enhance one's social life ... But I can of course
only blame myself (or possibly my genes) since I can't stand watching them.

>   Gifted children are always different from their peers. It's part of

I'd say it's an open question whether it's a good thing to be a gifted
child. It looks to me that kids that're gifted in some areas tend to be
lacking in others. I was a somewhat different kid myself, and it's been a
mixed blessing if I say so (mobbed, few friends, and lazying thru' school
while achieving good grades).

>What I am suggesting is that we might be thinking about ways to
>nurture the gift of tongues in our kids, rather than ignoring their best
>interests trying to fit them into a cookie-cutter role.
>   I was different, it had it's tough points, but I came through it OK with
>the help of loving supportive parents.  And I would have LOVED to be able
>write down my private thoughts in a language no one else could read, or
>poems that few could understand.

We're only to hope then, that should you get gifted kids that'll you'll
prove a good parent (no offense, but there's no way telling if anybody is
before they actually get kids) and that they'll get nice classmates etc ...

The mainstream certainly have it faults, but I'm very sceptic about the
possibility of creating any sort of better society "out of the blue". But
now we're way away from conlanging! :-)

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